Payroll Deductions

Donate to Utah Food Bank through payroll deductions!

Payroll deduction is one of the longest-standing forms of business giving. It offers convenience for the donor while at the same spreading donations throughout the year to create an ongoing and predictable source of revenue for the non-profit. Employees sign up for payroll deductions, designate Utah Food Bank as beneficiary, and a portion of their pre-tax wages are automatically deducted and sent directly to Utah Food Bank without the hassle of the employee having to write and send checks.

Employees who donate through this program are entitled to a tax receipt at the end of the year that summarizes their total charitable donations for the year. For most employers, the simplest way to provide a receipt for income tax purposes is to report charitable donations on the employee’s W-2 form at year-end. Utah Food Bank is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) with TAX ID# 87-0212453.

For additional resources and questions, please contact Julie Adams-Chatterley at (801) 887-1266 or [email protected].

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Stretching Your Donations

Utah Food Bank can stretch each $1 donated into $7.81 of goods and services.

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