Open Bids


Utah Food Bank invites written bids from qualified companies who wish to provide general food service foods and supplies starting July 1st , 2023 thru June 30th, 2024.  Foods provided will be served as part of the USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). This bid has been divided up into 11 separate sections. The bid will be evaluated and awarded to the vendor with the lowest responsive aggregate price for each section. However, in the event no single vendor provides an acceptable item and pricing for all line items within a particular section, we will award for each line item individually based on lowest price for each of those items. Vendors are therefore encouraged to respond to all line items even if they do not carry all the products within each section. It is anticipated this ITB will result in multiple contract awards. Resulting contracts for awarded sections or items will be for one year with the possibility of renewal for four additional years.


The majority of items listed in the attached item list reflect the items/specifications provided by our current vendor and used in our daily production. Vendors are encouraged to provide pricing on equivalent items as approved equivalents may be accepted. Other pack sizes may also be accepted, but should be appropriate for high volume food service operations.


Bid Deadline: June 23rd, 2023

Bid Closing: 5:00PM MST

Kids Cafe General Food Service ITB_FY24

Kids Cafe Food Service Item List