1 Billion Meals…. and Counting!

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As we reflect on the previous year, it is with both gratitude for our accomplishments and a solemn acknowledgment of the challenges faced by those we serve. Inflation, coupled with the expiration of pandemic benefits has cast a long shadow, impacting every facet of our operations. Utah Food Bank finds itself on the frontline of a battle against hunger that is unprecedented in recent memory. We are seeing many neighbors who have never faced food insecurity before turning to us for assistance, underscoring the pervasive impact of economic difficulties.  

Despite these challenges, we celebrated milestones, such as expanding our Southern Distribution Center and breaking ground on several expansion efforts, crucial for serving Utah’s growing population. We will kick this year off with the opening of our 77,032 square-foot Timpanogos Distribution Center, established to combat the hunger faced by many central Utahns.  

We’re also expanding our efforts in San Juan County community and the Navajo Nation, addressing the unique challenges they face, including limited food deliveries and remote geography.  

These efforts include Utah Food Bank Southeastern Distribution Center in Blanding, an 18,000-square-foot distribution center with an attached pantry. This facility will not only serve our current partner agencies in the region but also mark our first venture into operating pantries in our state. 

In early 2024, we are also opening two pantries, located on the Navajo Nation. The 4,000-square foot Utah Food Bank Montezuma Creek Food Pantry is conveniently situated across from the Montezuma Creek Community Health Center—a tremendous resource for the area’s residents.  

Utah Food Bank Monument Valley Food Pantry, which will also be 4,000 square feet, will be located in Monument Valley, adjacent to Tse’Bii’Nidzisgai Elementary School and on the Arizona border.  

We know that it is not enough to occasionally provide food to these remote and underserved areas of Utah. Our mission is to provide consistent food assistance that is thoughtful and respectful of cultural preferences, familiar, nourishing, and reliable. Utah Food Bank was established in 1904 under the name Salt Lake City Charity Association with the focus of discouraging “pauperism and grafting” and to promote the general welfare of those in need, and as we celebrate 120 years of fighting hunger, we look forward to working with our incredible community of donors and partners to create a lasting difference that resonates throughout our state for generations to come.