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4 Ways to Get Involved in 2023 to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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Welcoming a new year is like an invitation for self-growth, and it’s a fresh start to better ourselves and our communities.  If you’re looking for opportunities to make a difference, here are four ways to keep that New Year’s Resolution that will impact hunger throughout Utah.

1. If you resolved to be more active…

Volunteer at Utah Food Bank. Giving time is a win-win-win. Utah wins because food is getting out into the community faster, and Utah Food Bank wins because we can’t distribute 56.1 million meals statewide without your help. You win because it feels good to be active and work with friendly people toward a critical cause.

Volunteer opportunities at the Utah Food Bank include delivering food boxes, sorting food donations and fulfilling food-bank orders in the warehouse, helping at food drives, decorating food boxes, or serving Kids Cafe meals. Any of these will help you get your steps in. Learn more and register here.

Last year, we benefited from 156,656 volunteer hours—the equivalent of 75 full-time employees.


2. If you resolved to spend more time with loved ones…

Host a food drive at your next celebration. A food drive is an easy way to collect non-perishable food items for Utah Food Bank to distribute to those most in need.  Whether it’s a birthday bash, anniversary dinner, any individual or group—be it a school, business, community group or church—can create a successful food drive!

Don’t want to wait for your next special occasion? Become a fundraiser! Leverage the fundraising power of your community by starting a fundraiser on our behalf. Setting one up takes just a few minutes, and you’ll get a customized fundraising page you can share with your friends, family and coworkers. We offer toolkits to help you along the way, and all donations are processed through us!

Utah Food Bank can turn each $1 donation into $9.04 worth of goods and services thanks to the incredible support of volunteers and in-kind donors.


3. If you resolved to read more…

Please read and share our data-packed program info and annual report. Every year, far too many families in communities across our state struggle to keep a roof over their heads while making impossible choices between groceries and other essentials like medicine and electricity. Turn your knowledge into advocacy. “Education and awareness are two of the most valuable weapons for fighting hunger statewide,” says Ginette Bott, President and CEO of Utah Food Bank.

Follow @UtahFoodBank on social media for news, knowledge, information, events, and so much more. Learn more about food insecurity (and what you can do to help) by reading and sharing our reports and social media.

289,000 Utahns and 1 in 9 children are facing hunger.


4. If you resolved to support charities more…

Become a Utah Food Bank Meal Maker. Joining our Meal Makers Monthly Giving Program ensures a predictable source of income we can count on so that our statewide network of partner agencies and food pantries keep their shelves stocked. Plus, monthly giving is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give to Utah Food Bank, allowing us to put even more of your contribution to work. Each month your gift will go where it is needed most in the fight against hunger—monthly donor. Your monthly donation grants us critically stable funding to meet better the needs of those who rely on our support. Even if you can’t commit to a monthly donation, we have plenty of other ways to support our work financially. Learn more about all the ways to give here.

A gift of $40 per month can feed a family of 4 for 15 days.


Whether you wish to give food, time, or money, when you make supporting Utah Food Bank a part of your year, you can rest assured that your support is going to make a significant impact on the lives of our neighbors facing hunger and will help make this new year a happier one.