Show You Care This Mother’s Day

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Moms go hungry every day in Utah so their children don’t have to.

“My mommy doesn’t eat,” said a young girl during a recent visit to her neighborhood food pantry. Her mother was visibly embarrassed. But the other mothers there knew first-hand what the little girl’s family was going through. Her mother doesn’t eat because there’s not enough food, and she goes hungry—so her children don’t have to.

Evidence shows that food insecurity has damaging impacts on the health and well-being of children and adults in the short and long term. These impacts often hit womenand mothers especially hard. While researchers don’t typically break down food insecurity studies by gender, since women are more likely to be caring for children, they are more vulnerable to experiencing food insecurity.

As inflation skyrockets, it impacts the ability of families to afford essentials such as gas, rent and food. And lower-income women—especially mothers—carry much of the burden.

Every day, approximately 410,000 Utahns are at risk of missing a meal. As rising costs of food and housing stretch budgets even thinner, more hardworking neighbors are making sacrifices and impossible choices like paying rent—or buying food. But with your gift today, you can make it possible for families to eat—together. Every $10 you donate helps distribute $87.10 worth of goods and services.

If there’s a mother figure in your life you’d like to do something special for but who already has everything, why not donate in their name and send them an e-card to let them know! This Mother’s Day, show mothers and children in our communities how much you care with your support of Utah Food Bank. Together, we can fight hunger.